Lakehurst TRC


The Lakehurst Technical Review Committee was a stakeholder group that met on a regular basis to discuss environmental restoration activities at Lakehurst.  In 2017, JB MDL completed the transition of its Technical Review Committees and separate Restoration Advisory Boards into one Restoration Advisory Board with the merging of the Lakehurst TRC into the JB MDL Restoration Advisory Board.  

Please visit the Restoration Advisory Board page to review current minutes and presentations which include Lakehurst environmental projects.


TRC Meeting DateAgendaMinutes – Posted When FinalPresentations
 January 2016January 2016 Lakehurst TRC Meeting Agenda January 2016 Lakehurst TRC Minutes January 2016 Lakehurst TRC Presentations
April 2016 April 2016 Lakehurst TRC Meeting Agenda April 2016 Lakehurst TRC Minutes April 2016 Lakehurst TRC Meeting Slides
July 2016 July 2016 Lakehurst TRC Meeting Agenda July 2016 Lakehurst TRC Minutes July 2016 Lakehurst TRC Meeting Slides
October 2016 October 2016 Lakehurst TRC Meeting Agenda October 2016 Lakehurst TRC Minutes October 2016 Lakehurst TRC Meeting Slides